Mobile app: BLE-Detection

iMinds - 2014
met Thomas Planckaert, Sam Vloeberghs en Sebastiaan Dumoulein

Small tools and equipment are easy to lose track of. In hospitals for example, doctors and nurses can forget where a tool is located or what equipment a certain room contains. This problem can be solved with the StickNFind Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) stickers.
Our system keeps track of all the equipment in a room and alerts the user when a certain tool leaves the room. For example: Several items are in a room, you can see these items and select the ones that need to stay there. Whenever one or more of these items leave the room, an alarm will be triggered on these devices. Devices which are not necessary can leave the room without triggering an alarm. This way, the hospital personal can be sure that the room will always contain certain tools and equipment.
Thanks to the BLE Device Detection application it is possible to scan the environment for tools and equipment. If BLE stickers are not bound to a room, they will be able to be located thanks to the scan function. This shows all BLE stickers that are nearby with some extra information like their distance. The user can manually trigger the alarm of these BLE stickers to locate them through sound and a small light.