Android Track & Trace applicatie

RealDolmen - 2011
met David Hemmerijckx
Android, Java

Developing a mobile application with the aim of automatic recognition of certain patterns on photographs taken with smartphone’s digital camera. These patterns can be bar codes, numbers and letters, special characters or concrete objects. The project was a track and trace solution, allowing parcels to be picked up from and delivered at a certain address. A parcel was provided with a bar code. After scanning a bar code with the smartphone’s camera, the code was sent to a backend which then returned all information about the scanned parcel to the user.

The application can be used by employees (a courier) and customers. The employee will receive an account and password which can be used to access more features. One of these features is scanning packets allowing them to be tracked via GPS. The customer can then use Google Maps to track and trace his package and to see where it has been.

During the project we were asked to work out the following tasks:
– Elaboration of a preliminary study
– Prepare the necessary technical and functional analysis based on the objectives and the results of the preliminary study
– Developing a specific demo / POC (Proof of Concept) based on the previously prepared analysis
– Testing the achieved result and adjusting where necessary